The buttoned down suede

I knew if I waited long enough every high street store would bring out a cheaper knock off skirt from my favourite trend this season; the 70’s suede trend. So here is my top pick- it’s from New Look and was £19.99! I think they’ve done a pretty good job on avoiding the cheap fake look, it’s a fairly thick material too which helps make it look more expensive. I chose this one due to the buttoned down style, however there is another suede skirt in a couple of colors from New Look which I am loving so I’ve linked it below too! I would definitely advise getting the size down as this is a size 6 and I’m usually 8-10! 
You can never go wrong with camel and black (or so I tell myself when I wear it every other day…) and so I’ve teamed it with black chelsea boots and a Zara oversized t-shirt. If you are looking for one of those t-shirts you can just throw but still drapes and fits in such a way it looks effortlessly chic (think Miranda Kerr) then this is definitely the perfect tee. (Who knew I could be so excited about a t-shirt ey).
Boots- eBay
Duster Jacket- Primark


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