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Summer Accessories

Summer is in full swing (hooray for the mini heatwave we’re having!) So I thought I’d do a little round up of my favourite Summer accessories as there are so many statement pieces this season and I’m on board with all of them! I’ve linked all my favourite pieces plus the bits I have my eye on. Let me know your favourite!

Statement Bags

It’s a Summer full of statement bags, with endless styles to choose from.. String bags became a ‘thing’ last year and they’re back to stay this year. Personally I love a string bag with a particularly holiday/beachy outfit. Then there’s the wooden crescent bag, the straw/woven bags and lastly the most practical of the bunch – metallic bags. I’ve featured my current favourite (from Radley) in these outfit photos. Honestly? I’m a sucker for all of them and each have been featured over on my ‘gram at some point or another.. (straw, wooden, circular, metallic).

Oversized Gold Earrings

I am all about the excessively large and hammered metal earrings which we are seeing everywhere at the moment.

I’ve featured a few over on my Instagram, from the likes of Forever 21 and Mango (the ones I’m wearing in these photos) but there are so many I have my eye on. Whenever I actually make the effort to change my earrings to something bolder (usually I wear the same small hoops everyday) I always get compliments on them.

Espadrilles or Trainers?

I’ve been living in either one or the other this whole Summer. Trainers are too comfortable not to wear all the time but I’ve been loving espadrilles for the hotter days.  Finally got my hands on a pair of beaut, black ones which I would highly recommend for the comfort purposes ~ comfy espadrilles are NOT easy to find!~ In terms of trainers this season, the uglier the better. I’m wearing my Nike Air‘s here but honestly I need some uglier trainers ASAP.

Hair Scarf

A winning trend if you ask me. I dye my hair so roots are the bane of my life. A hair scarf (worn around the head) is literally a life saver *for 3 day unwashed hair too!*

Plus when you just want to tie your hair back they make it so much cuter than a standard pony..


I’m never without sunglasses (even in the winter) so the fact there are so many shapes and styles on the market at the moment is a dream.

Oval, cat eye, hexagonal, micro, oversized.. Which will it be. Well if you’re like me, all of them.


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