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I feel like I’ve seen a million and one posts recently about why we need to stop glorifying being busy and how as a generation we need to learn it’s not always a good thing. To be completely honest I wasn’t sold on these posts or this idea originally. I do completely understand the premise but I do really love being busy. It’s not a brag, I don’t need people to know I’m busy, I just feel more anxious when I’m not. I get fomo for life. Life is so short as it is I want to do and experience as much as I can. However these posts are starting to resonate a lot more with me. We’re part of a generation of go-getters, where every-one has a side grind and in a digital age, boundaries are blurred. Working hours merge into social hours and it’s hard to actually switch off. It’s something I majorly struggle with – I can’t ever completely switch off. On the rare occasion I sit and watch TV or a film I can feel my brain ticking; running through my to-do list in my head and I find it more stressful than actually doing it!

nicce womens hoodie

I completely stand by the premise that I love keeping busy. Give me a weekend running around shooting, writing and eating in London over series binging with a takeaway any day BUT I’ve got to a point where I’ve burnt myself out. I keep myself so busy at the weekends and evenings in the week, time passes so fast and often I go into the weekend absolutely exhausted, rely on coffee to keep me going and end up going into Monday just as shattered. I go through peaks and troughs where one moment I feel like I have a good balance and then other times as now, I feel completely exhausted. And it’s all self inflicted!

I couldn’t be more excited and grateful for all the opportunities I’m getting lately and love working hard to get them. But, at the moment, I am struggling to keep up!  This is when I couldn’t agree more with the numerous posts calling out ‘being busy’ in favour of taking a time out! So that is exactly what I plan to do this week with my evenings, attempt to do nothing! Wearing my best loungewear, because who said you can’t look good when you’re chilling at home! My new favourite hoodie from Nicce womens hoodies range. Not only is it super soft inside and warm but burgundy is also my favourite colour this season!

Do you have any tips on how to switch off? Would love to hear them!

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*This post is sponsored by Nicce but styling and words are all my own.


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