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For those who haven’t heard of Swingers and before you think I’ve lost it, let me just assure you that Swingers is purely the name!

Disclaimer: If you happen to tell your mum where you’re off to it could be met with a horrified expression followed by awkward questioning.

Yup, moving on..

Swingers is based around the idea of competitive socialising. Essentially it’s a huge central London bar consisting of 5 different cocktail bars and 3 street food vendors with a side of crazy golf. If you didn’t know, crazy golf is a lot more fun with a drink in your hand at all times.

Swingers crazy golf club london

Swingers crazy golf club londonSwingers crazy golf club londonSwingers crazy golf club london

Things to note: This isn’t a place you can book last minute, be prepared to book a few weeks previous, although if you happen to be in London they do have walk up tickets available! You go round the course in groups of 4 so if you can, arrange to go as a group of 4 or 8 people etc. to avoid awkward befriending.

Being a bar, it is fairly dark in there so excuse the awful photo quality! For more (better) photos take a peek at their Instagram.

All in all I will definitely be back to Swingers and would recommend anyone to take a visit!

Swingers crazy golf club london

Swingers crazy golf club london

When you arrive you’ll be given a slot to play which could be any time from the point you get there to an hour and a half later. Sounds like a big gap but there’s plenty to drink or eat in the mean-time if you do have to wait. The bar and food areas take up the main area of the venue and down the sides are 2 golf courses. Each consist of 9 holes, if you manage to get a hole in one on the last hole, it will win you a shot on the house..


There are 2 levels; upstairs has another bar and tables to eat at. The food vendors, namely; ‘Pizza Pilgrims’, ‘Patty & Bun’ and ‘Bubbledogs’ give you the choice of Pizzas, burgers and gormet hotdogs and the bars offer a huge range of cocktails as well as the usual wines, beers and spirits. Personally having everything you need for the whole evening under one roof makes for the ideal night in London – walking around the streets, (probably) freezing and wearing (more than likely) uncomfortable shoes is not my thing!

Swingers crazy golf club london


Swingers crazy golf club london



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      May 11, 2017 / 6:44 pm

      It really is! xx

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