Roadtrip to Oxford..

I took a little road trip at the weekend to Oxford as my boyfriend lives there. He showed me round and I thought I would share my favourite parts of the weekend incase anyone is visiting the area.
On Saturday evening we went out for dinner and drinks. We didn’t venture as far as the city centre but instead went into Cowley town. Down the main highstreet there are a number of places to eat and we found a noodle restaurant called Red Star which I would definitely recommend. The prices were low and portion sizes are so big they could feed atleast 2 people! 
We then went for a drink at The Library which is a quaint little pub across the road. They have a pair of dice on their bar and if you roll a double 1, 3 or 5 you get the round on the house! (Unfortunately this didn’t happen for me!) Next we went on to the Cowley Retreat where there were 2 for 1 ‘sex on the beach’ cocktails. This was more of a student bar with music and a lot more atmosphere. Overall the evening turned out fairly cheap.

Amazingly it was a beautiful day on Sunday so, naturally, I dragged my boyfriend shopping. I wore a grey ribbed tee from River Island and my mom jeans paired with my Zara leopard print flats. We drove into the city centre (be warned parking isn’t cheap) and although the shops are slightly smaller than what I’m used to living in Manchester, it has every shop you need. I bought myself this beautiful River Island leather shoulder bag. 
We then had a look round the ‘covered market’. If you are looking for somewhere slightly cheaper for lunch, this is the perfect place. It’s got loads of cute little shops aswell as plenty of cafes. This is where we came across ‘Ben’s Cookies’.. If you are in Oxford you can’t leave without getting a cookie from here! As it was a beautiful day we went for a drink and a sit down to eat our cookies. We went to the oldest pub in Oxford- The Bear which is hidden down a side road off the highstreet.
After that we (I) decided we should go and have a look around Bicester Village as it was near by! For anyone who hasn’t been this is a little ‘village’ of designer shops at discounted prices. It is so pretty and has every designer you could want including my favourites Celine and Michael Kors (why I tortured myself I don’t know!) It’s definitely worth a look as it makes everything allllmost affordable.. kinda..

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