How to motivate yourself after falling off track | The Dreaded Instagram Algorithm

A recent holiday and the dreaded Instagram algorithm completely threw me off my game recently. I love Instagram, it’s a place I advertise my latest blog posts, it’s a place to push yourself to create amazing content for and it’s also somewhere I get to interact with like-minded individuals and get inspired on ways to style, places to visit, restaurants to try and countries to add to my list. However lately, to me at least, it’s become such a negative space. You can’t even reply to a comment on your own photo now without Instagram telling you it’s spam (true story). Fashion and blogging are passions of mine and it seems lately, all the passion is being sucked out. The algorithm and regulations have gone too far. It’s ridiculous. To say I miss the old days of Instagram is an understatement.


And there’s always a ‘but’. Things change; it’s inevitable and if you aren’t able to roll with it, you’ll get left behind.

” It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones who are most responsive to change.”

Charles Darwin

So here I am attempting to kick my ass into gear and not let myself get too hung up on the negative side of blogging and Instagram.

With the addition of a girls holiday in the midst, and allll the holiday blues; getting back on it has proved harder than ever. Motivating yourself, no matter what area you need motivating in, is never easy but somehow I’ve done it and I started the week with my second-wind, ready to get back on the grind, Instagram algorithm and all. So here’s my best tips for getting back on track.

Take a break

You need it. People always say this and it can be easy to dismiss with the mindset that, nothing will improve by taking a break. But it’s not true. Sometimes all you need is to take a step back and a breather, give your brain a chance to stop thinking about it. It will re-align your thoughts (even subconsciously) and remind you what your goals are.

Switch off your phone, have a weekend away, take a day off work, don’t go to the gym for a couple of days – whatever it may be taking a minute away from it can be all you need to re-motivate (that’s not a word, is it?) yourself.

Do something you don’t usually have time for

Often a reason for being so unmotivated is because whatever it may be, feels like it’s getting in the way of other things. For example working too hard getting in the way of a relationship, or trying to eat healthily and exercise gets in the way of going out for social dinners and drinks. For me it’s the little things, for example working on my blog in my spare time (I also have a full time job) means I don’t actually really have ‘spare time’ to do little things like watch a film or the latest TV series everyone is talking about. Personally the Netflix drama ‘Suits’ is one of my absolute favourites and I’ve been meaning to watch the new series since it came out. So this weekend whilst having a break from Instagram I watched the whole of the new season and it was so goood.

Come up with a plan of action

I’m a self-confessed plan-a-holic – that’s a whole other kettle of fish (read about it here). But I do love to plan. It’s like a brain dump, in the best way. You get everything you’re thinking about doing written down but also organised into a neat little plan. It’s so theraputic and as simple as it may be, seeing the steps written out can be enough motivation to kick-start yourself into gear.

Get on top of the little things

Sort of thing your parents tell you to do when you were revising for your A-levels (boree). “Messy room, messy mind” ring a bell? Well turns out there’s something in that (ya know you’re getting old when the annoying things your parents used to say become right, right?!)

Last week was so hectic that it took me all week to unpack from my holiday. But having all my stuff back in the right places and a tidy room feels so good (am I actually writing this?!). It’s like ticking off all those niggly little chores that are in the back of your mind. Whatever it may be, get them done first so you can throw yourself head first into whatever it is you’ve lost motivation for in the first place without any distractions.

Pretty Little Thing red patent skirt and top

Pretty Little Thing red patent skirt and top

Find something to reinspire you

Lastly, get inspired! Feeling inspired drives motivation. Speak to someone who is a great influence to you, or listen to someone with different viewpoints and ideas, watch clips of people succeeding in whatever it may be you’re struggling in – for example workout videos. This week I’ve been attending an event called ‘social media week’ which is where employees of successful brands (Facebook, Pinterest, Ladbible etc) present their thoughts on various topics within digital and social media. Listening to the knowledge and insights of others on social has been really inspiring and motivating.

What are your best tips on motivating yourself?


Pretty Little Thing red patent skirt and top

Pretty Little Thing red patent skirt and top

And yes, these are the most irrelevant outfit pictures to accompany this post but it’s one of my faves of the summer so I had to get it up on the blog before it’s officially not acceptable to post summer outfits anymore! (Although red and yellow are the colours of AW so still it could be worse, hey.)

Shop the Look

Skirt: Pretty Little Thing

Tee: Pretty Little Thing

Boots: Topshop (Last year)

Sunglasses: River Island (sold out!)


Favourite Red pieces of AW17 (so far..)



  1. September 13, 2017 / 10:08 pm

    Loveeee this post Kirsty!!! Resonated with me so much personally cause I’ve been so frustrated with the algorithm recently, but you have great content so it will sort itself out. And yep agreed about taking a break from Insta – defo a good choice ! Xx

  2. Kirsty Elizabeth
    September 14, 2017 / 8:23 pm

    Ah so glad to hear. Who hasn’t ey?! Thanks chick and you! xx

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