Makeup Review//- Blank Canvas Cosmetics Powder Contour and Makeup Revolution Highlighter!

As you may have seen on my instagram I have recently graduated so I’m no longer living skint student life (hallelujah!) however this doesn’t stop me being the ultimate bargain hunter. So when I found this contour kit which looks so similar to the holy grail of all contour kits by Anastasia Beverly Hills, for about a third of the price I had to try it out! 
They’ve gone for fairly similar packaging to Anastasias’ too which I like as although it is fairly big it’s so thin and the case keeps the powders safe from breaking so makes it very easy to throw in your bag and travel with.
The powders themselves have a smooth and creamy texture, they’re completely matt and you get a large pan of each colour. They’re are a range of shades which can be mixed to create the ideal shade for you. The first photo gives a very accurate representation of the colours. For anyone who is fair like me, there is a lighter contour shade as well as a crisp white powder. I use this to set under eye concealer without adding or taking away from the highlight colour. 
I would definitely recommend this product as it’s great value and ideal for a variety of skin tones.
The other product I bought more recently through many reviews I read online is the Makeup Revolution Highlight kit. I am so disappointed that these pictures just do not do it justice! This highlighter is so pretty. A definite dupe of the beautiful Ambient Lighting by Hourglass!
While a lot of drugstore highlighters can be really sparkly and glittery, this only gives the slightest sparkle and is mainly just a really pretty subtle highlight which gives the look that you are glowing (as is often said of the hourglass highlighter). The only negative I have about this product is that I’ve found for my skin tone I only use the middle highlighter which is a pale champagne colour (although at £8 I can’t complain) I personally don’t like to bring highlight further down on my cheeks otherwise I would definitely suggest using the darker shade on top of bronzer or blusher to give an extra glow.
Highlighter: Makeup Forever
(Amazing Mermaid Brush- Spectrum Collections)

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