Lets talk about Primark nails..

So basically this post is a bit of a rave about Primark nails. I am hopeless at growing my nails. I’ve tried it all- horrible tasting nail varnish, bribes, growing my nails under jel nails in the hope I would be able to keep them after.. I can’t stop myself biting them to the horrible stubby nails they will always be! Anyone who is a student will also know the luxury of jel nails and infills every 2 weeks just isn’t an option! So this is when I resulted to buying my nails and nail glue and doing them myself.
Usually I would get myself down to boots and buy a version of the Elegant touch nails (which I still love don’t get me wrong!) However I was at the till in Primark the other day and saw these nails for £1(!), Although I was sceptical about the nail sizes and quality and didn’t hold out much hope I thought I’d give it a go- after all you can’t go wrong at £1!
I was so wrong to be unsure. The nails fit perfectly on mine and have a number of sizes. They are also a nude colour- which I love at the moment. And also means they can be painted over pretty much whatever colour. They have a nail glue included but I used my elegant touch glue (your nails wont budge with this stuff). So for a pound with a couple of sets in each box, everyone should definitely jump on this bandwagon!


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