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So I was going to write a ‘recent favourites’ post, until I started collecting up my favourite things and realised a lot of them aren’t actually very recent and happen to have been around the block a few times! So it’s more of an old and new favourite things at the moment kinda post.. (snappy ey?)
If I’m looking for something in particular I will most probably try a million and one different products until I find the perfect one and then become obsessed and wear/use it all year round. Being one of the palest people there probably is on the planet, I have tried every fake tan known to (wo)man. I have tried gradual tans, instant tans, tinted moisturisers, spray tans and mousses. And every make of tan from St Moritz at £1.99 a pop to the newest, best spray tans at £20 a spray.. So I think I can safely say this ‘favourite’ comes recommended with a laaaata research. 
Now don’t get me wrong St Moritz has got me through some very hard student days and I will be eternally grateful for that! For it’s price tag it really is worth it. However St. Tropez bronzing mousse is my all time favourite tan. It hands down beats every other highstreet brand on colour, smell and moisturisation (is that a word?!). Grab a latex glove and a mitt and no chance of streaks either!
I have also chosen my Garnier Summer Body moisturiser as a favourite as I use this every night on my face. I don’t like to put proper fake tan on my face as it’s too heavy so sits in lines and creates wrinkles (hence the Garnier anti- wrinkle cream which we’ll talk about later!) I buy the darkest one as I find the lighter ones don’t do much. 
Next is the Nivea soft moisturising cream tub. This is for your face, hands and body and is possibly the best moisturiser I have ever tried. It’s non greasy and leaves your skin so soft without having to wait ages for it to sink in. The Garnier complex beauty for dry skin (anti-wrinkle face cream) is similarly soft and moisturising and yes I do realise I am only 22 BUT prevention is better than cure! Call me crazy but it actually feels like its anti-wrinkling your face when you use it! 
I was given this Pearl Drops whitening kit in my stocking at christmas (santa knows me so well!) and have only just used it. You do it for 10 days in a row and I really think it has made a difference. This is another of those things I have tried every brand and type of and this is a rare one that I would definitely get again!
Having naturally curly(aka frizzy) hair I use hair oil like its water. It is by far the best way to control the frizz and this hair oil by Organic World is really good when put in wet hair to help it dry in actual curls rather than frizz.
Now if you follow me on instagram, you ll have seen these Asos sunglasses- a recent purchase as I am in full spring/summer mode. They have a slight yellowy/bluey tint and look so similar to the real Aviators- I love them! 
The rose gold Michael Kors watch. Every girls favourite but such a classic. I wear this every day.
As anyone with an instagram account will know metallic temporary tattoos are everywhere and are going to be an essential this summer. I picked these up from Topshop.
Anyone who loves their makeup won’t be surprised that Mac prolongwear concealer is a favourite of mine. That along with Benefits Boiing are my most essential essentials when it comes to makeup. Without atleast one of these I end up looking like I haven’t slept for a week and a half..
I am very into nude errrything at the moment and so Macs ‘love honey’ along with Kikos nude lip liner are the perfect combo for an every day lip or to go with a dark smokey eye. Rimmels nude nail varnish also satisfies my nude obessesion of the moment!
Lastly Benefits, ‘they’re real’ mascara is a recent new purchase of mine and the brush especially is so good. I’m not much of a false eyelash kinda gal so a good volumising mascara is a necessity for me!
Bit of a long, rambly post today but hopefully its been quite useful!

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