This little post is for anyone who lives in or around Manchester… I went to this cute little cafe in Elderly Edge last week and absolutely loved it so I thought I’d do a post to share… I took a few pictures which I’ve shared above. The Yard is a health shop and a cafe all in one. For anyone into their raw foods this is the perfect place to go! You can get all kinds of raw desserts, healthy modified cakes, juices etc. The decor is a shabby sheek kinda style with wooden tables and fairy lights. They have an outside area too (definitely going back in the summer!) They also do live music nights, open mic nights and various other themed nights. So anyone into their healthy options or just exploring, I would definitely recommend a visit! 
The little shop sells various heath foods from gluten free chocolate to coconut oil. 
We ordered 3 protein balls, a raw caramel slice, a raspberry cake and a raw flapjack to try along with my usual skinny latte! If you aren’t into your health foods, they also do the usual breakfasts aswell!
While it’s not dirt cheap, I would compare the prices to those cafes in Northern quarter, nothing too expensive!


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