The perfect pair…

I’m in love with these dungarees. I know, they’re just a pair of overalls but if I could produce my idea of the perfect pair, it would be these. Firstly they have a buttoned down front.. who doesn’t love buttons?! Secondly the straps are tied at the front which I think is so cute and just gives them such a ‘cool’ casual vibe rather than having the metal clasps which remind me of my dungarees from being a kid in the 90’s.. And lastly the back is cut away meaning you can wear a million different cute crop tops and have them showing at the side and back. Which technically means I can wear them a million times and it’s always a different outfit so it’s justifiable..(?!)

I’m actually moving soon and so I’ve moved the majority of my tops already… hence why I’m not actually wearing this with a crop top like I would prefer to, but you get the idea…

Dungarees- Zara
White Top- Topshop
Black Top- Primark

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