St Tropez Facial Oil Review

Everyone and their mother has been talking about this little miracle in a bottle! From what I’d heard/read it sounded amazing and as a self confessed fake tan addict I thought it was only right I gave it a go.
Firstly it has to be said from all the pictures I’d seen I did think it would be bigger considering how much it is, however now I’ve realised how little I need each time I am again convinced of the value.
It comes in a larrrvely little glass bottle with a pipette built into the lid. On the back it says to apply 2-3 drops onto the skin but I would say I used about 4-5 drops- still the smallest amount but I often find fake tanning products underestimate measures. Also being the palest gal on the block I tend to need a bit more than everybody else *sigh*.
 It rubs in really easily and dries pretty fast without any feeling of oily, greasy skin. I have dry, sensitive skin and had no problem with this product. It does have a slight perfum-ey smell to it but nothing too overpowering and definitely nicer than the typical biscuit-ey smell of usual tans.
If I’m honest I’ve never had that – fear of putting tan on my face incase it goes wrong and I look like an umpalump – thing. But I know a lot of people who won’t touch their face with tanning products because of this. If that’s the case for you I definitely think there is nothing to worry about with this little beauty, I wasn’t over cautious in rubbing it in- yet had no streaks and even coverage. It gives a great colour too, not orange at all. I applied this 2 nights in a row to get the colour I wanted and would say it’s lasted around 4 days!
It says it is non- pore-blocking and I would definitely agree. If you read my ‘favourites of the moment‘ post a few back, you’ll have seen I usually use a tanning moisturiser on my face. However these are really thick and can definitely block pores and cause pesky blemishes! 
Overall I am very impressed with this product, although it’s not on the cheap side (especially if you’re a student like me!) it will definitely last ages and gives a great colour without blocking pores- win win!
I would suggest getting this from Superdrug rather than boots as it is slightly cheaper..


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