Soleil Tan De Chanel and Becca Highlighter Reviews!

I’ve been on a tiny bit of a makeup spree as of late.. (woops). But as a result I have found a few of my now holy grail makeup products. If you’re into makeup you will know all about these products as they are all so popular (for good reason!) but I often find it hard to find reviews from paled skin girls. These kind of products can look so different on fair skin so I thought I’d share my opinions.
First up is the Soleil Tan De Chanel bronzer. As someone with dry skin, the less powders on my face the better. So a cream bronzer is perfect for me. This colour is so natural looking and also so buildable. This works so well whether I’m as pale as the day I was born or layered up in St. Tropez tan. It really does look as though you’ve been out in the sun.
It doesn’t go blotchy or patchy and blends so evenly. Its also great for a contour colour. Using a synthetic brush and stippling the product on gives the best results. If you look closely at the pictures you can see the tiniest indent from where I have used it… this is about 15-20 uses and barely a scratch on it! So although it carries a crazy price tag it will last forever so it’s well worth it. (The cheapest place to get it is John Lewis)
Next the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors. I have the ‘pressed’ powder highlighter and the ‘poured’ cream highlighter. As I’m sure everyone’s seen ‘strobing’ is a huge trend of the moment. It is basically just intense highlighting without the contour. These two products used together are perfect for this. I have both in the shade ‘moonstone’ and I would definitely recommend this colour for anyone with fair skin. I personally don’t like the look of highlighters if they are too gold or too bronzed/pink as they then become very obvious on my pale skin and can look slightly dirty.
The pressed highlighter is my definite favourite. It’s so pigmented you need the tiniest amount and the colour looks so natural on my skin it gives a beautiful glow. If I am wanting an even more intense highlight (when do I not?) then I will tap the cream highlight onto the high points of my cheek bones first. 
Alternatively if I want a more subtle highlight (this does occasionally happen) for example with a no makeup makeup look, I will use the cream instead. This gives that beautiful ‘glowing from within’ look! The cream has no glitter or sparkle where as the powder has the smallest amount of sparkle to it.
You can get Becca products from Space NK.
Hope this was helpful!

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