FITNESS: Protein World Product review

Protein World Product review - wearing Gymshark sports bra, Pink soda leggings, nike shoes and ASOS cap

Protein World Event

A few weeks ago I was invited along to an event in Richmond with Protein World™ – a legs, bums and tums class with one of their ambassadors Ciara Madden plus a nutritional talk which explained more on how to use their products and general diet tips for loosing fat and/or building muscle. While I don’t tend to feature fitness much on the blog (ever?!); exercise and healthy eating are actually a huge part of my life. So when I received the invite I was excited to go along, workout and learn a little more about the Protein World™ products. I’d used the Protein World Slender blend™ Vanilla flavour before and found it really helped me loose a few pounds, which was my goal at the time, so I was excited to try the products.

Workout Class with Ciara Madden

The workout was not what I had expected at all. I had joked with friends that they wouldn’t want us to look awful in the photos. so we came to the conclusion it wouldn’t be too hard. Couldn’t have been more wrong! It was INTENSE to say the least (the photos say it all!) Ciara had set up circuits using various equipment such as resistance bands, kettle bells and TRX systems, which we did for around 45 minutes followed by a ‘bum and tum blast’. Everyone was on different levels, there were a few other gym goers and fitness bloggers similar to my level as well as some hardcore fitness fanatics such as Hana of @itsalwayshana. (If you don’t follow her you need to – her body is enough motivation to get you down the gym!) Both ciara and Hana lead classes at BOXR gym in Richmond, so if you’re in the area check them out!

Before we started we were offered some IBCAA and now I’m obsessed with the stuff. I left the event thinking I wouldn’t be able to walk or laugh the next day but due to the miracle that is IBCAA it wasn’t half as bad as I expected. (It did kill me slightly walking up the stairs in the early morn but nothing compared to what I’ve had before when doing similar workouts). If you are slightly confused as to wtf IBCAA is, read on to the product review!

Protein World Product review - wearing Gymshark sports bra, Pink soda leggings, nike shoes and ASOS cap

Protein World Product review - wearing Gymshark sports bra, Pink soda leggings, nike shoes and ASOS cap

Protein World Product review - wearing Gymshark sports bra, Pink soda leggings, nike shoes and ASOS cap

Fitness Journey

To give you a bit more background on my personal fitness journey; I’ve always eaten a fairly balanced, healthy diet but my sweet tooth is my ultimate downfall. Give me a salad over a McDonalds any day but I’d also happily have a Nutella crepe for lunch so, swings and roundabouts. I joined my first gym around 8 years ago and have been going ever since. I’m much more of a gym goer than a ‘sports team’ type exerciser. The last few years is when I’ve really got into exercising and even more so this year.

Around 4 months ago I joined a new (very expensive) gym which is just down the road from me, that and the pricey membership means I go more than I ever have before. After a few harder months in my personal life, exercise also became a bit of a release. I can’t stand running but if you’ve had a bad day, running for 20 minutes on the treadmill will sort you out! I go around 6 times a week, which is in no way necessary for a healthy lifestyle but works for me. My workouts usually consist of a 20 minute HIIT session and half an hour using weights. If you need inspiration or motivation for your workouts, Ciara and Hana put so many short workout routine videos up on their Instagram pages – I use them all the time if I’m stuck for exercises to do.

Shop The Look


Sports Bra: Gym Shark (same in different colour)

Leggings: Pink Soda

Trainers: Nike

Phone Case: Ideal of Sweden

Product Review

Obligatory disclaimer before we get into the review – I am, in no way shape or form any kind of expert on the topic of exercise, healthy eating or supplements but I’ve been trialling these for a few months now and these are my personal opinions based on my own experience with them.

The Slender Blend range is targeted at those looking to loose weight. However it’s also ideal if you are wanting to maintain weight and tone up. They have various ‘bundles’ where you can buy multiple products to save money. I was given the ‘Bums & Tums collection’ which is a ‘body toning bundle’ plus a few extra products to try.

The products:

The slender blend protein shake in Vanilla, Chocolate, cinnamon swirl and salted caramel


Pre workout powder – peach tea and summer fruits flavours

The hunger buster capsules

Fat Metaboliser capsules

Toner capsules

Slender Porridge

As mentioned I’ve been using these for a few months now as I wanted to give them a proper chance. So far I’m super impressed with them. I’ve used similar supplements from other brands before but have always come back to the Vanilla flavour at Protein World™ as my favourite so I had high hopes for the other products.


The first time I properly used this was at the class with Ciara. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s a stimulant which claims to help minimise muscle pain post workout. It says it helps prevent muscle breakdown and enhances your fat burning capabilities which is why it’s so good if you work-out in the morning before breakfast. In my opinion it really does help. I don’t use it all the time, as sometimes I know I’m mainly doing cardio it’s just not as necessary. However if I know I’m going to be hitting it hard with the weights and intend to be crawling out of the gym an hour later, this stuff is a lifesaver. I tried both the peach tea and summer fruits flavours and they both taste so good – similar to a fruit flavoured water.

Pre-workout powder

This really does give you a kick. It has caffeine in amongst plenty of other ingredients which give you such a boost. I’m such a fan of a pre-workout powder. Mainly because I go straight from work to the gym and need some kind of energy kick to get me going! The first time I had it I could literally feel my skin tingling. I do think your body has to adapt to it, especially if you’re not used to that much caffeine but I definitely rate it. It tastes similar to the IBCAA powder, like a flavoured water.

Toner capsules

Now to be quite honest, I’m not entirely sure if these do anything. They contain creatine, Vitamin B and Biotin amongst other ingredients which you can find here. They claim to breakdown carbohydrates into glucose providing the body with energy. However I haven’t noticed a difference to my workouts when I take them. All I can say is in the past couple of months I have definitely become more toned.. however I am probably going to put this down to working out hard rather than these capsules!

Fat Metaboliser capsules

These are essentially a major caffeine kick to get your metabolism going. You can really feel your heart rate speed up when you take these so potentially not for everyone. I take them straight after a meal and I do feel like they help speed up my metabolism, especially as I’m sat at a desk right after I eat lunch.

Slender Porridge

High-protein, sugar-free and gluten-free with chia and flax seeds this is the ideal breakfast. I tried the Vanilla flavour which is extremely sweet so I would recommend using water not milk to make it (or half and half). It keeps me feeling as full as my usual bowl of oats and tastes very similar but the added benefits keep me reaching for this one instead.

Hunger Buster Capsules

If you’re anything like me, you’ll know the half 11 struggle. I have brekky in the morning and don’t want to take lunch ‘til at least half 12 (shorter afternoon!) but come half 11 I’m already getting hungry. This is where these ‘hunger busters’ come in so handy. An hour before lunch and you take a couple of these with a glass of water and I can honestly say they really do help you feel less hungry. Essentially the ingredients draw in water and expand in your stomach making you feel more full. Not rocket science but stops me eating my own hand at the desk..

The slender blend

As mentioned, my ridiculous sweet tooth is my downfall (hence all the working out) but I’ve been using the Slender blend shakes as a substitute. They’re really sweet so when I’m craving something sweet I grab one of these rather than a chocolate bar! I’ve tried them with both water and almond milk and I find a half and half formula tastes best. The powder is so thick it can definitely be drank with just water but if you want it to keep you fuller for longer, add some milk too. If you have a sweet tooth like me, I can’t recommend this enough. To me the vanilla flavour tastes like cake mixture and who doesn’t like cake mixture?! The chocolate is like a chocolate milkshake. I also tried the salted caramel which has a slight aftertaste and the cinnamon bun flavour quite literally tastes like a cinnamon bun – personally too sweet for me.

I do have friends who don’t have a sweet tooth and they find the slender blend too sweet for them. Equally I’ve heard others say it has a weird aftertaste but I think that’s down to whether you use milk, almond milk or water – try all and see which tastes best to you!

Although they can also be used as meal replacements, I wouldn’t personally use them as this. If you can eat a healthy balanced meal you’ll be much better off. I see these as something to reach for if you’re in a rush or as a snack replacement as I do. They have sachets which are so handy to throw in your bag. If you’re in a rush and need a breakfast on the go or if you won’t be eating for a while after your workout these are great to have. If you are trying to increase muscle and tone up, having a protein spike post gym (easy to do using a shake) and then again at dinner time will help aid this.

If you have any questions on any of the products, leave me a comment!



  1. August 27, 2017 / 5:48 pm

    Ahh I need to try Protein World when I finally get back in the gym!! Great post babe xxx

  2. Lauren
    August 29, 2017 / 1:03 pm

    Babe this is such a good post, I’m going back into fitness soon so will deffo look them!

  3. August 29, 2017 / 3:29 pm

    So helpful to know what the IBCAA actually does as I have some but don’t actually get it 😂

    • Matt
      April 10, 2020 / 11:24 am

      As a heads up the IBCAA’s labels are extremely misleading – there are 4 calories per 1 gram and it throws you out of a fast affecting any ketosis effect or autophagy.

    • Kirsty Elizabeth
      September 10, 2017 / 4:46 pm

      Yeah it depends what your goals are but definitely look into it, I recommend! Thanks so much Elena 🙂 xx

    • Kirsty Elizabeth
      September 10, 2017 / 4:47 pm

      Thanks Eloise! Glad you found it interesting! xx

  4. September 11, 2017 / 5:45 pm

    Interesting post, kind of made me want to go to the gym again but I barely have time these days. Well done for managing to go for 6 days a week, that is amazing!
    I am also like you I prefer independent exercise to team ones.

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