Henley Regatta..

So this weekend was the annual Henley Rowing Regatta. For anyone who lives in or around the Henley area this is the most anticipated, talked about event of the year. I wish I could say this was due to the rowing races, (although for some this is the case) but for most it is basically an excuse for anyone and everyone to get dressed up to the nines, sit in the sun all day and dance all night drinking to your hearts content. 
There are pop up bars and pubs set up all down the river with live music as well as the enclosures for those lucky enough to have a pass. I would recommend Henley Regatta to anyone as it is such a different event to the usual night out and so much fun. (However don’t expect to go home with money left in your bank!)
Having been going for a few years and attempting to last the night wearing heels (whilst also sinking in the grass) I decided this year I would wear a maxi dress and sandals- best decision ever.

Dress: H&M
Sandals: Primark

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