Amsterdam in a nutshell..

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I recently went to Amsterdam for my birthday. As it was a short trip we packed in a lot so I thought I would share a few of my favourite things!

Where to Stay?
I would definitely recommend staying as close the the centre as possible as this is where everything happens so if you aren’t one for using valuable suitcase space to pack ‘comfy shoes’ (me neither) then staying in the centre ensures you’re only a short walk away from everything.

We used Airbnb and found the perfect little flat on the top floor of a building right by all the shops..
If you haven’t heard of airbnb it’s a website where you can advertise/ book an apartment/room/flat/house to stay in on your travels. It’s often a cheaper way of finding a place right in the centre, for example. Our flat even had a jacuzzi bath and little living-room with a TV.

Where to Visit?
Besides the obvious Red Light district and Coffee Shops Amsterdam has so much to do and see. Hiring a bike is one of the most popular ways the get around but you will need a 50 euro deposit per bike so do this at the beginning of your holiday!

Anne Frank house. While not the most uplifting place to visit, this is a definite must-see. It’s a very eye opening, chilling insight into World War 2. Don’t be put off by the queue it goes down a lot quicker than you would think!

The Heineken Museum. This involves a brief history and demonstration of the manufacturing process along with a lot of gimmicks and advertising, but it’s a good laugh along with a few free beers thrown in so I would definitely recommend!

A river cruise. An easy relaxing way to find your whereabouts along with learn some brief history about Amsterdam.

Museums. Amsterdam have a museum for pretty much everything. From the Tulip Museum to the Marijuana and Hemp museum, so you’ll most likely find one suited to you!

Shops! I tried not to spend too much time in the shops, but they do have a good selection to temp you!

Where to Eat?

Amsterdam can be very expensive so if you’re there for a while it’s worth finding a supermarket to get a few bits. We stumbled upon a tiny cafe called Omlegg which had every type of omelette you could want and watch it be made in the open kitchen, plus the cutest decor, my definite fave place to eat in Amsterdam.
There are also loads of take away places to grab food on the go. One which was right next to our flat was ‘Wok to Walk’ where you chose your noodles, fillings and sauce to go. It’s around 6-9 euros but the portions are huuuuuge so it’s good value for money.

There are so many pubs and bars you could pretty much find a night out anywhere. But if you head over to the main square there are a fair few to choose from with Bulldog being one of the most popular.

Overall I would definitely recommend Amsterdam to anyone as there is something for everyone!


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